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Provide shade from the sun and shelter from rain whilst collecting clean energy for your school or business.

Solar canopies enable you to provide shade from the sun and shelter from rain whilst collecting clean energy for your school or business.

They are perfect for organisations that are unable to have solar panels installed on their roof due to the direction that the building is facing, or if shading is a problem. We can position our canopies to ensure that you get the best from your solar panels.

There are four solar canopies within our range for you to choose from, all of which are robust free standing structures constructed from steel frames and covered with high quality solar panels supplied by solar experts SolarWorld.

Our Solar Canopies are energy efficient structures that have a triple purpose of providing shade and shelter whilst also generating free electricity for your organisation; they are perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and saving costs on electricity bills.

These canopies will also pay for themselves over the years through the electricity they generate.

Our free standing solar canopies can be used as covered waiting areas, playground canopies, covered walkways, trolley shelters, carpark canopies, al fresco dining canopies and much more.

They are also brilliant for outdoor learning areas, offering the perfect opportunity to teach pupils about how solar energy is generated and it can help to save the environment.

Able Canopies Powered by SolarWorld

We have teamed up with the leading solar experts SolarWorld to offer our customers the highest quality solar canopies that will generate maximum solar power and will last for many years to come.

Enabling you to earn back the money that the canopy originally cost you and more!

Our range of solar canopies are ideal for schools, colleges, the health sector, shopping centres, leisure and holiday resorts or any organisation that is looking to become more sustainable and save on electricity bills.

Investing in a solar canopy demonstrates dedication and support to renewable energy, sending a very positive message to your students, customers and visitors about the use of eco-friendly solar energy to minimise your impact on the environment.

Benefits of a Solar Canopy

  • Canopies that pay you back – Solar Canopies earn you an additional revenue, which covers cost of the canopy and more over the years
  • Take advantage of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) – By taking advantage of the government backed FIT scheme, you will earn money not using the energy you generate and for exporting any leftover energy to the National Grid
  • Become a cleaner, greener school or business – Help your client to lower their carbon footprint by generating solar energy whilst also saving on bills and protecting themselves from rising energy prices
  • A great teaching subject – Solar canopies can be used within schools to also teach children about solar, how it works and how its saving the planet
  • High performance solar panels – The canopies are covered with high performance and long lasting solar panels that are supplied and manufactured and supplied by SolarWorld – We are the only supplier that uses these solar panels on canopies in the UK!
  • 30 year guarantee – The solar panels are supplied with a 30 year linear performance guarantee.
  • 25 year life expectancy – the frame is supplied with a life expectancy of up to 25 years depending on the framework finish chosen
  • Positioned to ensure optimum solar efficiency – We will advise of the solar canopy that would best suit your desired location, to ensure the maximum solar consumption because each canopy has a different roof design to suit different elevations. This option is not available when installing solar panels to existing building roofs
  • MCS Accredited Installers – The electrical components are all installed by MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installers
“The design team were very helpful in their advice and the construction team were efficient and completed the work on schedule. Excellent Job, thank you”
Mr.Cotton - Head Teacher, Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School, Merseyside

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